Chevy & Coca Breeding

Breeding Day! Chevy & Coca breeding went down on 5/26 via AI. We noticed Coca swelling up about 12 days prior on Friday, May 14th & her bleeding started the next day on Saturday. We knew the countdown had started and had to pay close attention to make sure we didn't miss our window. A week went by and we got her progesterone levels tested on 5/21. They were at a 2.9. We went back on Sunday 5/23 and her levels had not changed at all. We decided to wait until her 12th day of hear cycle and get her tested. She was ready!! We completed 3 AI's. One on 5/26, 5/27, and 5/29. Progesterone testing was done the last AI day and her levels at an 18! It's a waiting game now but we are excited for this production! Hopefully soon we will be able to confirm this litter! Chevy did great. He is ready to put in work. This will be Chevy's first litter and the one that puts him on the map. The bloodline to this breeding is crazy! We got a Bully Campline's Miagi, Short Muscle's PBK Heatstroke, 3A Heatwave, TX-LSB Bull & S&A Bully Camp Chico Litter! Stay tuned!...

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